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Governing Board: Authorized by the Voting Members to maintain and conduct the work and structure defined in the Governance Charter; thereby serving the homeless and at-risk subpopulations, with the mission of ending homelessness. The 16 -member Board directs the BKRHC, conducts hands-on work, and facilitates committees and task groups necessary for the proper and efficient functioning of the BKRHC, the HUD CoC program (Bakersfield/Kern County CA-604) and ESG program support. CHAIR: Deborah Johnson, California Veterans Assistance Foundation / CO-CHAIR: Steve Peterson, The Mission at Kern County

CoC Planning and Performance: Encourages participation of the County of Kern and City of Bakersfield offices in ongoing CoC efforts, monitors outcomes of projects funded under both ESG and CoC programs as required by The HEARTH Act, and participates in applicable consolidated and yearly action plans. Coordinates with the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Committee to:

  • Ensure reporting of quality data: APRs and the AHAR; and

  • Reviews (in addition to the Housing Committee) the required HMIS policy documentation review for BKRHC members including but not limited to: HMIS Policies and procedures; MOU, Interagency Agreement, Client Consent, and End User Agreement.

Coordinates with the Collaborative Applicant to:

  • Conduct a CoC-wide need gaps analysis;


  • Coordinate Corrective Action Plan letters and responses for APR improvements; and

  • Coordinate the HUD ranking and application process for HUD CoC funding.

CHAIR: Barbara Vadnais, Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault / CO-CHAIR: Jim Wheeler, Flood Bakersfield Ministries

SOAR Working Group: Directs and evaluates the work of COC-wide linkage to SSI/SSDI benefits for people who are homeless or at-risk for being homeless, using the SOAR method. Analyzes and reports outcomes to the Board with a focus on improving benefits’ access and promoting the SOAR process locally. (SOAR: SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery) CHAIR: Kyler Dake, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance / CO-CHAIR: Gerald Dawson, Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services

Coordinated Entry and Assessment: Facilitates Coordinated Entry and Assessment for Kern in compliance with HUD CoC requirements, and enveloping processes and procedures that maximize BKRHC member resources; collaborates with community partners and seeks to serve the full County of Kern. Annually reviews the Coordinated Entry and Assessment Plan for Board approval. CHAIR: Rebecca Moreno, CAPK/2-1-1 Kern /CO-CHAIR(S): Vanessa Williams, California Veterans Assistance Foundation and Diane Contreras, Flood Bakersfield Ministries

Built for Zero: Tracks data to monitor progress towards and end to homelessness. Creates change ideas and creates an environment of constant improvement striving for the most effective delivery system. Facilitator: Heather Kimmel, Housing Authority of the County of Kern 

HMIS/ Data Quality:Coordinates the BKRHC Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) processes including application implementation; facilitates staff training; prioritizes technical support issues; ensures data collection processes and quality are in accordance with HUD standards; reviews HMIS policies and documents twice annually for compliance with the HUD and the Governance Charter (5.07) and recommends best practices on data quality collection; reporting; HIPAA Compliance and security. CHAIR: David Livermore, Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services / CO-CHAIR: Sarah Gohn, Bakersfield Homeless Center

Homeless Outreach:Performs strategic service outreach events for people who are homeless or at-risk (e.g. at Bakersfield Homeless Center, St Vincent de Paul, The Mission at Kern County), through Community Caring events, and rural area outreach opportunities quarterly. The Committee:

  • Builds partnerships and coordinates networking opportunities to serve as many as possible through outreach;

  • Distributes consumer surveys once each year at each standing site to help providers improve their scope of service delivery and identify service gaps, needs, trends and strengths to maximize resources within the community.

CHAIR: Alysha Douglas, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance / Daisy Torrez, Kern Family Health Care

Housing: Studies best practices; recommends housing solutions and implements HUD prioritization standards includes time sensitive placement of homeless persons; offers data collection/ technical assistance to service providers with the CoC Housing Inventory Chart [HIC]; and engages potential private/public stakeholders, developing housing projects based on community needs. In the area of chronic homelessness, the Committee:

Identifies monitors and champions “Housing First” initiatives including implementation and monitoring of the Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness;

Oversees the chronically homeless registry; and monitors and conducts resource development of Housing Choice Vouchers and “Housing First” projects

CHAIR: Heather Kimmel, Housing Authority of the County of Kern / CO-CHAIR: Mary Scott, Bakersfield Homeless Center

Homeless Prevention and Discharge Planning: Builds relationships with local homelessness stakeholders and the community to prevent discharges and entry into homelessness: from medical, mental health, incarceration, foster care, temporary housing. The Committee recommends policies to improve outcomes, maximize resources and recognize gaps and duplication of services. CHAIR: Steve Peterson, The Mission at Kern County / CO-CHAIR: Mark McAlister, Department of Human Services

Homeless Youth Committee: Strategizes ways to engage, count and serve homeless youth 24 years and younger in Kern County. The Committee collaborates with school personnel, youth agencies, child welfare, law enforcement, and other agencies committed to ending youth homelessness. The committee created and updates the Youth Resource Guide for homeless youth to utilize. The committee conducts outreach and hosts events geared towards homeless youth. The committee collects data on homeless youth through surveys and focus groups. CHAIR: Allyson Baptiste, Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance / CO-CHAIR: Lindsay Harrison, Standard School District

Point-In-Time: Plans, designs and conducts an annual Homeless Point in Time Count (PIT Count) [Formerly known as the Homeless Census] through service provider and volunteers; develops and provides training to PIT Count workers; compiles the PIT report to HUD in coordination with the HMIS Lead; works with the Collaborative Applicant to disseminate results to the community, media and local policy makers. CHAIR: Jan Lemmuchi, Independent Living Center of Kern County / CO-CHAIR: Marc Casica, Bakersfield Homeless Center