Kern County Department of Human Services

661 631 6819

100 E California Avenue, Bakersfield CA 93307

Homeless Collaborative Contact: Mark McAlister

Walk-ins accepted / Appointment required

The Kern County Department of Human Services administers public assistance programs which provide housing, nutrition and medical coverage benefits. Partnering with children, individuals, families and the community, DHS provides customer-centered services. The mission of DHS is to ensure safe, protected and permanent homes for children and actively assists individuals as they prepare for employment.

Areas of service: Housing and Emergency Shelter (Homeless Assistance), Domestic Violence, MediCal, Food (Cal-Fresh), Employment and Education (Welfare to Work / Employment Preparation); Finances, Benefits and Payees (CalWORKs, General Assistance); Children’s Needs (Child Protective Services)


Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office

661 636 4593

1300 17th Street, Bakersfield CA 93301

Homeless Collaborative Contact: Jason Hodgson: Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability

Appointment required

The Kern County Superintendent of Schools Office (KCSOS) provides consulting support and fiscal- monitoring services to 47 school districts in Kern County. These services include McKinney- Vento Homeless Education support services to ensure that homeless students are afforded all of the educational rights detailed in the McKinney- Vento act. Also, KCSOS in collaboration with the Kern County Network for Children.

Areas of Service: Education