The KCHC is a network all working together to end homelessness: of nonprofit homeless service providers, victim service providers, faith based organizations, governments, business, advocates, public housing agencies, school districts, social service providers, mental health agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, homeless and formerly homeless (including veterans).

Membership is open to anyone who is a stakeholder in ending homelessness.

All meetings are open to the public. 



KCHC Members:

  • Receive the most current homelessness information and news in the industry.
  • Have access to training, participate in committees and are eligible for committee leadership and Board positions during the nomination process.
  • Are provided with peer opportunities to “case conference” (brainstorm about complex homelessness households) and solve barriers and gaps that surface when addressing the many layers of homelessness
  • Are promoted via social media and Collaborative efforts – for member projects and events 
  • Invest staff time, leadership and strategize for the good of the community, to provide wrap around homelessness and prevention services.
  • Are committed to the goal of one day attaining a functional zero when every person in Kern County will have a place to call home.


There are two Membership levels (due in August, and retroactive when joining other times of the year):

  • $250 Membership – includes voting rights, access to all social media promotions and information sharing, trainings and collective input.
  • $500 Membership – includes all of the above, and
    • Entitles participation in the Consolidated Application processes (responding to the call for LOI’s and consideration in the NOFA processes).
    • Is of tremendous help to the collective work via participation in the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data base and information sharing system across the Continuum of Care.This helps provide a full statistical data process for homelessness in Kern.


Both membership levels include:

  • Voting participation in the decision making and business of the KCHC through committee activity and full membership meetings (which take place twice a year), and the election of a sixteen-member Governing Board who lead the work;
  • Technical and case conferencing support for challenging situations with homeless or at risk households including with partners such as Department of Human Services, Mental Health, large local shelters, etc.;
  • Ongoing placement of agency resources and contact information via links on the Homeless Collaborative;
  • Peer support through events one-on-one introductions to other agencies, presentations to applicable staff about initiatives and opportunities for partnerships on identified projects, connections to funding through complimenting services. (It is not uncommon for three or four agencies to collaborate on grant applications, federal or private);
  • Data gleaned from the Homeless Point in Time Counts, Housing Inventory Count and other federal reports
  • An opportunity to be trained in SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access and Recovery) a program of Social Security streamlines the application – and response – of SSI application for homeless individuals; and
  • Dedicated support of our Director of Homelessness Resources, bringing three decades of marketing, fund development, poverty and disability focused experience.


CONTACT US for a personal letter of invite and invoice if needed.